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From blog to podcast

Turn your blog or newsletter into a persuasive podcast

How to get guests for your podcast

Guests add variety and let you find new perspectives to explore. You may have a wish list of guests you'd love to have on your show, so how can you bag the best ones?

How to tell if your podcast is successful

Podcasters cling to download numbers as a measure of success. But numbers can be faked and they can be wrong, and they don't tell the whole story of how our work is impacting others. There is a better metric for success; and it isn't counting downloads.

Latest guides and articles

Get better audio quality from your Zoom podcast recordings (with a PDF guide you can send to guests)

Remote recording tools like SquadCast and Riverside are great. But if you can't afford another subscription, you might be surprised at what you can do with Zoom.

How to sound like a million bucks without spending a cent (spoiler: your mic isn't the problem)

Are you unhappy with the sound you're getting from your mic? Unless you're recording in a sound proof booth, the mic is probably not the issue. Here's how you can create a professional sound without spending a penny.

Should you allow swearing in your podcast?

When naughty words wind up in our podcast audio, what should we do with them? Leave them in or bleep them? Where do we draw the line on swearing, and won't somebody think of the children!?

Latest apps & services


Another take on "all your podcast links in one place"


A voicemail inbox for your podcast

Episode Check

Get timestamped comments on pre-release audio

Latest hosting providers


Podcast hosting from one of the brains at Stripe


Seriously Simple Podcasting


An industry giant

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WTF to Listen to

Monthly podcast recommendations from Jade and Hannah

Hurt Your Brain

A fortnightly list of recommended learning resources

Find That Pod

Podcast recommendations, collected weekly

Latest podcast directories

Samsung Podcasts

A podcast directory from an Android giant

The Podcast Index

An open-access database with the purpose of preserving podcasting as a "platform for free speech"


Social podcast discovery and playback, with an indie twist

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Feedback with EarBuds

The podcast accompaniment to the weekly newsletter


Biweekly tech chat from John Gruber and Ben Thompson


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