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One small change in language could mean one giant heap to your listener

Many podcasters are squandering the chance to build meaningful audience connections. Here’s how you can stop holding your listener at …

What does it cost to make a podcast in 2022?

You can make a podcast for less than the price of a good night out, or a cosy night in.

What is Podcasting 2.0, and why is it important?

Podcasting 2.0 is an initiative by one of the co-creators of the podcast medium. It’s trying to help the industry …

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Mark Steadman

Mark Steadman

Podcasting since 2008

Mark is the creator and editor of Podcode. He’s spent 36% of his life in podcasting... and counting.

Mark started Podcode so he could share the knowledge and experience – the wins and losses he’s racked up – during his time behind the mic.

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Organise your workflow with Notion
Organise your workflow with Notion

Tracking ideas, wrangling guests, and collating marketing assets for each episode

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