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4 days til launch

In a few of my posts – including my most recent one from today – I advocated for not looking at the numbers for the first 100 days of launch. There are other, more important things to track, like listener feedback and retention, but you don’t fatten a chicken by weighing it.

For this series though, I felt it useful, important even, to track the progress of a well-conceived, well-niched, and well-produced podcast, as a way to manage expectations for future podcasters. Don’t get me wrong, as I hinted at last week, I know this podcast is good. It’s imperfect, and Ashley the writer has been the first to say there are pacing problems as a result of the conversion from book to podcast, but it’s seriously good.

Where we are

As of right now, there’s one published episode, and it’s had 12 downloads.

  • 50% from iOS devices
  • 25% from Windows
  • 17% from macOS
  • 8% from Android

Internationally, it breaks down like this:

  • 50% from the UK
  • 41.67% from the US (Pennsylvania and Massachusetts)
  • 8.33% from Germany

We got one download straight away when submitting to Apple, which shows there’s still some sort of process in place there to check the media file is legit, even if a human is no longer reviewing every submission.

I asked my Facebook friends to subscribe and potentially review the show on Tuesday, so Apple is currently getting the most downloads. This is the bare minimum of what you might expect from a “friends and family” download request.

These numbers mean nothing right now, since the podcast isn’t launched, this is again just to set a baseline. Downloads stuck at 7 for days on end after I’d sent out review requests which I found… interesting. I don’t have stats on the clips I sent as part of my press kit – which I’ll share in due course. That might have been useful, but I don’t want to get into tracking people’s behaviour. I’m really not here to judge newsletter writers and podcast critics, least of all because I suspect they have to deal with a lot of entitlement from indie podcasters.

What happens next?

Nervous anticipation. I want people to hear it and get a sense of what they think. Everyone who’s listened so far has had great things to say, and the criticisms it’s had can be weighed up as potentially outlying opinions, or things that’ll become more apparent and need fixing.

But our expectations are low because the marketplace is crowded, and as compelling as the indie landscape is, we’ll struggle to make a dent without a big marketing budget or a good deal of luck. That said, I reckon we have something worthy of award consideration, so maybe we’ll revisit that at a later stage.

I’ve launched a lot of personal podcasts. Well, I’ll correct that. I’ve started a lot of personal podcasts, but Beware of the Leopard and List Envy are the two I’ve more formally launched, and were not the ones for which I’ve been given the New & Noteworthy nod by Apple in the past. As for the podcasts I’ve launched professionally, I won’t get into those as I haven’t asked permission, but what I will say is marketing is everything.

But, there’s only so much prep you can do. At some point, you’ve just got to show your baby to the world and hope they love it. 🙂

Wish us luck!

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