Podcode’s parent company Origin is looking for a freelance podcast editor to help us deliver work for clients, as well as handle some internal projects too. Clients trust Origin – and especially its founder Mark – to quickly and efficiently deliver consistent work, with a focus on making sure both guest and host sound like they would on their very best day.

The TL;DR version is that we’re looking for someone to work with Mark, editing episodes in Descript, writing show notes and uploading to media hosts. This is a freelance, relatively junior position, so please quote your hourly or per-episode rate based on our requirements. As a guide, we’re aiming to pay between $25-40 per hour.

Your work will involve

  • Managing client audio files (downloading remote recordings etc)
  • Editing audio in Descript
  • Lightly- or fully-correcting automated transcripts
  • Writing show notes and titles following our formula
  • Uploading to media hosts

Applicants must have

  • At least a year’s experience editing speech-based audio in a real DAW (such as Hindenburg or Logic, not Alitu or Anchor)
  • A basic understanding of audio levels: peaking, decibels, compression (only the basics), normalisation
  • Be able to follow a set process
  • Fluency in English

Our editing process typically involves

  • Normalising audio and adding compression
  • Removing umms, uhhs, and repeated words while keeping the flow of speech natural
  • Compensating for lag in remote recordings
  • Removing cross-talk where possible
  • Editing for pace, removing just the boring and irrelevant bits
  • Adding intro/outro music
  • Locating places for dynamic ad insertion (for internal ad campaigns)

If you’re new to editing in Descript, no problem. Mark is happy to provide training to anyone who can demonstrate an understanding of core audio editing concepts.

We use Descript because it provides our clients with a transcript, and simplifies a lot of the audio production process. This allows us to focus on editing for content, maintaining a focus on clarity, concision, and listener engagement.

A proficiency with media hosts like Transistor, Captivate, and LibSyn are beneficial, as is a working knowledge of Notion, which is how we keep track of projects and co-ordinate with clients.

This is a remote position working largely asynchronously with Mark, with regular catch-up sessions over Zoom. You’ll preferably be based in the UK or Europe (being further afield makes it difficult to work across timezones).

We have a clearly-defined and replicable process for delivering audio consistently through Descript, in time for clients to review before upload. Applicants will need to be able to follow the steps in the process to keep projects organised, and to maintain the efficiency and professionalism Origin clients expect.

As well as Origin client work, you’ll also work on some internal projects, like Ear Brain Heart (our podcast on marketing for impact), and What’s Your Problem?.

The conversations you’ll edit are enlightening, varied, and are conducted by presenters with solid mic technique and good equipment. Most episodes feature conversations between two people, and require some basic show notes, a title, and links to relevant resources discussed in each episode.

If you’d like to join us, please apply using the form below. We’d love to hear what you’ve produced so far.

Cpplications close on the 29th July, 2022.