I won’t be writing any more content for Podcode as of today, and have closed down our membership programs. Our last public event was this Wednesday, and it was a blast.

Frankly, I don’t think you need yet another set of guides and courses on how to start or grow a podcast. There are plenty already, and lots of really good ones are free. I’m going to be releasing my courses for free in the coming weeks. You can follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn for news of when they drop. 💣

This is good news.

So, it turns out I’ve been hiding, ever since I joined the Web in the late 90s. I’ve hidden behind brands and projects, contrived products and services that hold people like you – those I want to work with – at arms’ length.

So who am I?
I’m Mark. Hi!

I’m a disabled, hypersensitive, neurodivergent dude with a smidge of polymathy and a huge amount of love to give. I’m waiting on a formal diagnosis, but I probably have ADHD and autism. I’m also empathic to a degree that I don’t express much online, but it comes out when I talk about isolation, which a lot of creators face, especially in the digital world.

I’ve been delighted to work with people who think differently and feel deeply, but who don’t always feel supported. I want to do MORE of that. So that’s where I’m headed next.

If you want to come with, check out the newsletter that will replace Podcode. I’m not auto-subscribing you to it – I hope you’ll make that decision for yourself.

There’s no flashy brand behind it, no attempt at community or memberships… just honest advice and supportive words to help you survive, based on nearly 40 years of being a human, two thirds of those spent making a ruckus on the Internet.

Of course, if you’d like to work with me personally, you can.

If you’ve any questions about Podcode or my continuing mission to help people express their creative selves online, you can AMA on Twitter. But I hope to see you over at Steadman.land very soon.

Thanks to everyone who’s shown their love and support for Podcode.