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How to get guests for your podcast

Guests add variety and let you find new perspectives to explore. You may have a wish list of guests you'd love to have on your show, so how can you bag the best ones?

Launch week

We're 48 hours into the launch of the podcast. It's way too early to look at the numbers. But we all do it anyway, so let's take a peek.

How to podcast when you're just not feeling it

However important your podcast is to you, there are times when recording the next episode isn't on the cards. Here are some things you can try when life gets in the way, but you still want to show up.

4 days til launch

The launch I've been chronicling is terrifyingly close. There are few hints that we'll get much coverage, so like most we'll be relying on word-of-mouth to take off. Let's set a baseline for stats, so we have something to track next week.

How to invest in your podcast

You could spend thousands on your podcast and end up getting lost among the noise. An investment in the success of your podcast isn't just about money and gear – time and energy are far more likely to bring you a satisfying return.

11 days til launch

With less than two weeks until the podcast launches, time is getting short, and there's still a lot of promo to do.

How to make a podcast intro

The first 30 seconds of your latest episode are your one chance to make a good impression. Lots of podcasters squander that opportunity with boring, over-long intros. But making a compelling intro is easier than you think.

18 days til launch

The stage is set. We have some episodes in the can. Now it's time to tell the world and create some buzz for launch day on November 2nd.

How to tell if your podcast is successful

Podcasters cling to download numbers as a measure of success. But numbers can be faked and they can be wrong, and they don't tell the whole story of how our work is impacting others. There is a better metric for success; and it isn't counting downloads.

25 days til launch

Follow the launch of a new podcast from the inside.

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