Put your voice at the centre of your content marketing strategy

Reduce overwhelm, and find a calmer approach to content marketing, by creating space for conversations.

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Mark has spent his whole career trying to understand marketing without going insane. This eBook combines his learning from years of working with digital content creators, and offers a more peaceful way through the maze of social media, SEO, and our current obsession with creating "content".

Calmer Content Marketing book cover

What’s inside

Stop making content

Swap those bland social posts for something that connects with your audience.

Ear, brain, heart

Explore how we build trust by showing up consistently as ourselves.

Know what to say

Play with fun, conversational formats to find one that fits your style.

Insight notes

Find conversational highlights that fill up your content calendar.

Healthy habits

Watch how small contributions build your authority over time.

Love your voice

Be fearless, and rock the mic in the face of your own self-doubt.

Overwhelmed person faced with lots of social media icons

This should be eaiser.
And it can be.

If you’ve been awash in a sea of social media, now’s your chance to make sense of it all, and craft a content marketing plan you can keep on top of.

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