Everything you need to plan a successful podcast in 2022.

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The Podcast Designer is a free and simple tool to help you plan your podcast. The survey guides you through the most important things you need to consider when starting a new show.

Within a few minutes, you’ll have a detailed listener avatar, so you can be sure not only of who they are, but where you can reach them online.

Your personalised launch pack comes with a checklist for the each phases of your podcast’s launch. You’ll also get a printable template to help you plan each episode. All you have to do is plug in your mic, and hit Record.

Many arms designing many things

Included in your launch pack

A set of worksheets and documents, tailored to your podcast.

Starter press release

A sample document you can adapt to create an attention-grabbing press release.

Pre-written description

A formula and some sample text to help you write a compelling description.

Apple-compliant artwork

Unique cover art you can use unitl you&requo;re ready to commission a designer.

Social media calendar

A spreadsheet with sample post content and dates, based on industry recommendations.

Episode template

A printable PDF you can fill in, to help you in the pre- and post-production process.

Welcome PDF

Your guide, covering everything from hitting Record to uploading your first episode.

Your personalised podcast launch pack is waiting for you.

In just 15 minutes you’ll have a complete roadmap for your podcast, a starter press release, an episode template, and a personalised, easy-to-follow checklist so you won’t miss a step.