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Fighting Podcast Burnout, with Kendra Patterson

18th Nov, 2021

Kendra is a creative thinker and doer. She helps people come home to their essential creative selves. Her podcast, Stepping Off Now is for people facing burnout, or feeling like there’s more they can give. Podcasters are no strangers to burnout, and it’s one of the leading causes of pod-fade.

How can we clear a path for ourselves or get unstuck?

If we’re just starting out on a creative project, what can we put in place to help prevent burnout?

When we are facing burnout, how can we take care of ourselves? Can we spot these signs in our work, or in others?

How can we find the lightness in what we do, and keep ourselves from taking our work – our ourselves – too seriously?

In this first Origin Stories event, Kendra will chat with podcast coach and producer Mark Steadman. Mark likes to joke that he’s quit more podcasts than he’s started. Can Kendra help him know when it’s time to walk away from a project, or when you should stick at it, even when it feels difficult?

These questions and yours are on the table for our first Crowdcast conversation, on November 18th. Come and join us live.