Intro to Podcasting workshop

Be inspired and informed to take the next step and create a compelling podcast

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Spark more conversations with clients and stakeholders

Podcasting is a creative way to express yourself, share your truth, and hold space for conversations that matter. By showing up with consistency and generosity, we build a bond with our audience based on intimacy and trust.

Podcasts allow us to deepen the conversation, explore new perspectives, and turn a fragmented audience into true fans.

Who needs another podcast?

If you have something valuable to say – an idea worth spreading – you should explore podcasting. There are over 130 million published books in the world, and millions more self-published titles. There are around 500,000 active podcasts right now, so we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Your message doesn’t have to reach millions, or even thousands. If you have something important to say to 10 people, that is enough.

Let’s make a podcast

The Intro to Podcasting workshop is an interactive, half-day session, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of the medium. By the end, you’ll know

  • How to find your target audience
  • How to communicate the benefit your podcast brings
  • What to podcast about
  • Which equipment you’ll need
  • How to record conversations remotely
  • How to edit audio like editing a Google Doc
  • How to get your first 1,000 downloads

Taming the tech

Together, we’ll unpack the jargon and help you understand

  • The difference between Apple Podcasts and iTunes
  • What effect ratings and reviews have on downloads
  • How to list your show in Apple and Spotify
  • How to upload and store your audio
  • and plenty more

After the session, you’ll have a solid plan to work on, or bring to your team.

Start turning followers into fans

You’ll gain knowledge and confidence to start creating work that speaks to your audience. Your episodes will stand out from others because of the care and attention you show.

Through your consistent and generous work, your audience will build a parasocial relationship with you. They’ll trust you and feel like they know you. That allows you to start more conversations with the people you want to work with.

Dates and times

Thursday 21st July 2022
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Ends 7th July
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Thursday 18th August 2022
Only 9 left
10:00 UK time £125.00 Early bird
Ends 4th August
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Thursday 15th September 2022 10:00 UK time £125.00 Early bird
Ends 1st September
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Meet your host

Mark Steadman of Podcode

Mark has been producing on-demand audio and Internet radio since 2004, launching his first podcast in 2008. Since then he’s helped thousands of podcasters get their start. Through his podcast school Podcode, Mark empowers impact entrepreneurs and agents of change to build trust and intimacy with their audiences, using the power of their voice.

The Guardian
The Verge
Radio Today
Content Marketing Institute
Mark Steadman

Here’s what working with Mark feels like

Some people instinctively make good ideas better, they can't help but elevate; Mark is one of them. This is the kind of personality everyone needs on their side - especially in this industry because podcasting can be a lonely and relentless business.

Mark gently invited me to consider having a format, structure, and revisiting my expectations for it. He also indulged my playful side, encouraging me to channel something more of myself into the podcast, as well as having those boundaries to contain what/who the podcast is for.

Mark allowed Shamash and I to basically play for the whole time and not worry about anything. Honestly if this is what work is meant to feel like, then we're on to a winner.

Mark's clear offer and deep expertise delivered through a gentle, collaborative style have made the process both calm and enjoyable. We expected neither! We hope you like the podcast. It would not exist without Mark!

I don't know if it's possible to like a person more – Mark is amazing. He is helping me come out of my shell and become visible in a way that I didn't even realize I needed. I couldn't have imagined a better guide in the process of starting a podcast, and we've only just begun.

Refund policy

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  • If you don’t want to defer, let us know within the notice period and we’ll offer you a refund.
  • Space on our workshops is limited. Therefore we don’t offer refunds for non-attendance, unless you give us 48 hours’ notice.