Audience and community

Jenna Spinelle of Democracy Works helps us get a grip on community engagement, and podcast promotion.

What’s a good way to receive feedback from your audience?

Set up a contact form on the podcast website and direct listeners there. The form can have specific questions and details that a listener might not think to mention but could be very helpful, more so than 280 characters of 😡!

What about engaging with the community?

Twitter is just one-on-one, maybe one-on-some. A Facebook page is uninviting. A Facebook group is a lot of work. A subreddit can be hard to get an audience going.

Slack or Discord is a great semi-public controlled community. And you may already be there for work collaboration anyway! Feel free to join the Podcast Advocate Network Slack if you want to talk podcasts or production.

What are good promotional tools?

Promo or episode swaps are free and can help you share audiences with similar podcasts.

And any interview suggestions?

Fidget toys can distract the monkey brain just enough but not take the mind completely away.

Taking notes can enhance presence while giving the hand something to do.

Improv lessons can teach the most important rule, “yes and”.

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Find Jenna Spinelle on the Democracy Works podcast.

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Find 🙈 Brendan @ThePodPlaylist on Twitter or at as the new Podcast Librarian

Find 🧔🏻 Mark at Podiant or at, his spiritual home on the web.

Listen to the next episode for another great discussion on podcast burnout with guest Yuvi Zalkow.

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