Do you listen back to podcasts?

A new favorite podcast is added to the list, #MeToo extends into podcasts, the Google Podcasts app is actually out now, beware of Anchor (possibly), and how much is too much when it comes to re-listening to podcasts?

Mark reveals his thoughts on We Have Concerns after listening to several episodes. Brendan shares ZigZag as the next podcast contender to be Mark’s favorite show (a successor to Note to Self by Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant on their “StartUp” type quest to document the creation of a podcast company, but with the blockchain).

♪ Bitcoin is Blockchain’s baby! ♬

Google Podcasts is now in the Play Store. If you have an Android phone that can run it, please let us know what you think, @BitRatePod on Twitter. Mark has ordered a new phone and will report back next week. If it arrives in time.

Brendan and Mark tread lightly as they discuss the indirect accusations against Chris Hardwick from Chloe Dykstra, accusations that Hardwick has denied. We have no place to weigh in on this, but felt that it should be at least mentioned, and our disappointment noted.

Justin McLachlan on Twitter read through the terms of service for the podcast host and app Anchor, and has a long thread with notable highlights about how Anchor “owns the rights” to user content and that the user must pay for any legal fees if Anchor is sued. We have thoughts (and up-to-the-minute followup).

On lighter topics, Brendan is concerned that he listens to himself too much, and Mark helps Brendan feel a little less narcissistic.


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