We’re back, for a limited series on burnout. Please join us as we talk with each-other and some podcast luminaries about how podcasting can be a drag sometimes, and make us want to quit(!), but that we love it so much that we just can’t leave. It’s the best of abusive relationships.

Here are some of the topics for today’s episode!

What inspired Mark to quit Twitter?

We discuss how Twitter can be toxic – and we’re not even talking about nazis – how just having an account can be tiring. There’s a constant feedback, and lack of feedback, that can lead one to us wasting so much time and energy on something that will never be fulfilling.

What inspired Mark to post this to Facebook?

…I’ve deactivated my Twitter account today in an effort to re-shape my attitude to creativity. I’ve got some ideas for creative pursuits in 2019 and I won’t be making them for the shadowy panel of judges that sits in my head. It’s not for them; it’s for someone else. (This includes podcasts… I think I’ve made my last for a while.)…

Mark declares he’s made his last new podcast project for a while. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Why is it so hard to declare that something is done?

Subscribers! We want to keep that audience, of course. But is it worth it? And what do we owe to , or are we owed from them, if anything? How do we say goodbye?

When does one end a podcast?

When it’s no longer fun. Simple as that. Maybe before…

What inspired this talk about burnout

Brendan found it very hard to come back to BitRate, and any of his other projects, because just thinking about podcasting was overwhelming. Here’s the article that inspired this series.

Do you leave it up or delete it?

Keep it up! It will always have value. Archive.org is a helpful resource to move your ended podcast to, so it can continue to be hosted online but not a drain on your resources.

Find @BitRatePod on Twitter, or at bitratepod.com.

Find Brendan @ThePodPlaylist on Twitter or at Podchaser.com as the new Podcast Librarian.

Find Mark at Podiant or at Steadman.io, his spiritual home on the web.

Listen to the next episode for another great discussion on podcast burnout with guest Mathew Passy, the Podcast Consultant.


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