Formats matter

Dan Misener from Pacific Content expounds on his prolific experience and expertise of trying and testing podcast ideas.

How does one construct a branded podcast, or podcast with brands?

It can’t be an infomercial, but the competition isn’t other branded podcasts, it’s all free content, so it needs to be genuinely good content.

What aspects of podcasting lead to burnout?

Podcasting takes a lot of time! It’s a huge commitment. It’s helpful to have a production team. And set goals to make sure it’s still what it should be. Think about your motivations to make a podcast, and set your goals accordingly.

Can the motivations to want to podcast change?

Absolutely, and hopefully they do! Format and process. Find where is the podcast on the scale of Jeopardy to Game of Thrones , and think of how that affects how the podcast should be produced, and how people will want to consume it.

Are there other tips for production that will help prevent burnout?

Make notes and do as much pre-work at the time of recording. It may be weeks – or months in this episode’s case – before the episode is edited and shownotes are written, so having contemporaneous notes will save a lot of time and lessen fatigue.

I did not take notes at the time, so I need to listen to the whole podcast again to get the good stuff. 🙈 That’s OK though, for me, ‘cause this is such great advice it’s good to hear multiple times.

What if there’s a podcast idea, but it feels too overwhelming to even start?

Test it! Try just a couple of episodes with no intention to release. Iterate. They can always be released later as a special or one-off, but find out if the chemistry even works.

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