Marketing podcasts correctly (no, this is not a BS session)

Kevin Goldberg of joined the conversation with Mark Steadman and Brendan Hutchins to discuss marketing a podcast correctly.

Kevin and Brendan share a recommendation each to Mark to help him find his next favorite podcast. Today’s recommendations are:

  • Kevin - Dissect, breaking down a hip-hop album and producer, a serialized music podcast.
  • Brendan - Doug Loves Movies, a movie panel show in front of an audience with comedians playing trivia games and talking about movies.

The Habitat and Sandra by Gimlet are discussed in detail, including spoilers, so listen for the spoiler honk and if you haven’t listened already, be warned, because this group has opinions!

Kevin explains how Brendan and Mark are doing fine, but should really be marketing podcasts to the 60% majority of people who aren’t yet listening to podcasts. Podcasters should use traditional marketing tactics to get more listens, views, and engagement.

Lastly, Kevin helps us understand what it’s like to take all the things podcasters say and turn that into text to be read on a website.

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