Mining the data of podcasts

Bradley Davis, the creator of Podchaser, joins Mark and Brendan to discuss how much data podcasts provide to podcast makers, podcast apps, and the podcast industry.

Cold Open Inside Joke Twitter Thread

Bradley and Brendan suggest new podcasts Mark has never heard in the ongoing quest to find Mark’s new favorite show, and Mark provides feedback on previous recommendations.

Bradley gives his 60 second explanation for why podcasts should not be completely free and ad-supported.

Follow up: what did Mark think about the recommended podcasts so far?

Bradley and Brendan offer new podcast suggestions:

Bradley: Work Life - An organizational psychologist who evaluates teams around the world to see how they work together. A different take on the business podcast.

Brendan: The Fall of the House of Sunshine - Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog meets Repo! The Genetic Opera meets Greg the Bunny set on a kids’ TV show about dentistry.

Podcast app shake-up

PocketCasts / NPR consortium compared to Overcast, RadioPublic and other podcast apps.

What does this mean for NPRone? Does anyone use that?

Anyone know about RAD? What are our thoughts about tracking?

What apps do we use and why?

The data email and podcasts can get from us

Email newsletters are able to see who is subscribed, if they open, and what they click on.

Podcasters are able to see… download numbers… and don’t even know if an episode is played.

Do we want podcasters to have more anonymous information about us?

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Online ratings, the five star system, and anonymous reviews

What do we think about rating and reviewing podcasts online? Is it helpful? Does anyone find a new podcast from a review?

Plus, custom lists are coming Podchaser!

Are podcasts sustainable?

Is the ad model for funding podcasts sustainable? Should podcasts always be free? Brendan hopes so. Brad says no.

Thanks for joining us Bradley!

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