Podcasting's darkest timeline

The one in which we say goodbye.


Brendan just bought his first house! He’s super excited and has a bunch of remodels planned.

But wait, goodbye?

Burnout and self-preservation have brought Mark and Brendan to a point where they need to put BitRate away, at least for a while. We’ll see.

Replay the BitRate burnout series

  1. Endings
  2. A gap in the Market, with Mathew Passy of CausePods
  3. Formats Matter, with Dan Misener of Pacific Content
  4. Production and Editing, with Drew Ackerman of Sleep With Me
  5. Audience and Community, with Jenna Spinelle of Democracy Works
  6. Managing expectations, with Yuvi Zalkow of Nerotic Tornado
  7. Podcasting’s Darkest Timeline

Now what?

Well, as we learned from this past series, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and think through if it’s right to start a new podcast or project.

…So mostly likely we’ll start a new podcast right away.

Oh look at this! steadman.io/podcast

And for one last time, until next time, Mark and Brendan pontificate about the future of the podcast industry.

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Find @BitRatePod on Twitter, or at bitratepod.com.

Find 🙈 Brendan @ThePodPlaylist on Twitter or at Podchaser.com as the new Podcast Librarian

Find 🧔🏻 Mark at Podiant or at Steadman.io, his spiritual home on the web.

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