15 newsletters to submit and subscribe to in 2022

Podcast newsletters are the best places to learn about new podcasts, industry developments, events, and ways you can grow and improve your podcast.

Many of them recommend podcasts to check out – some are open to cold pitches, while others reward good standing in the podcasting community.

This is the megalist of podcast newsletters you should consider subscribing to so you an keep up with the world of podcasting, or publications you can notify about your new podcast.

1.5x Speed

Nick Quah has been writing about Big Podcasting in Hot Pod since 2014. In 1.5x Speed, his column for Vulture, Nick shares a few podcast recommendations each week. In his words:

I’m deep in the weeds with this podcast stuff. I love it, even though it’s gotten plenty strange, and plenty capitalistic over the years.

In 1.5x Speed, Nick reviews podcasts from established publishers along with more ambitious productions from smaller outlets, with strong messages and broader appeal.

If you have a new podcast and you’re not already on Nick’s radar, getting noticed might be difficult. You can email him once you’re subscribed, but he reserves the right to not follow up on your pitch.

The Bello Collective

Founded in 2016, the Bello Collective is a group of thoughtful, progressive podcast listeners, creators, and fans. Their goal is “to bring together writers, journalists, and other voices who share a passion for the world of audio storytelling”.

Because they know what good podcasts sound like, they also have a selection of Podcasting 101 pieces that help creators do their best work. Their newsletter contains think-pieces, curated podcast lists and recommendations, and opportunities to get involved in the Bello community, which is friendly and accepting.

The Collective offer a podcast review as a Patreon perk, which will land in their newsletter, and they have a number of advertising options.

Discover Pods

Founded in 2017 by Kevin Goldberg, Discover Pods has featured a good standard of writing, focused on indie podcast listening and creation.

The website now boasts a number of articles by guest bloggers, as well as roundups of apps and services, and various opportunities to spread the word about your new podcast, such as the Podcast Spotlight Q&A series, or the Podcast of the Day feature.

Earbuds Podcast Collective

Each week, the newsletter features a selection of podcasts on a theme, hand-picked by a different curator. Each month, newsletter editor Arielle highlights a single podcast, and there are a number of sponsorship and advertising options available to help you spread the word to other podcast fans.

Arielle is a trusted source of knowledge and support within the podcasting community, and a champion of authentic and generous communicators. The best way to get on her radar is to engage in kind, over time.

Find That Pod

Find That Pod is a collection of recommendations and interviews, curated by Sebastian Arciszewski. The weekly newsletter boasts a high open rate, and features five podcast recommendations with minimal fluff, each with a brief bit of context.

Sebastian also puts together themed lists on a specific topic, which can be found on the website along with regular podcaster interviews.

Find That Pod has advertisement opportunities, so you can get your new podcast in front of over 3,000 subscribers.

If you have a new podcast, you can pay for a feature, tweet the newsletter, or send Sebastian an email via the link on the website.

Hurt Your Brain

If you have an educational podcast, or you want to keep your brain on its toes, Erik Jones’ fortnightly newsletter is worth inviting into your inbox.

While not exclusively full of podcasts, each issue compiles a plethora of media designed to make readers think, along with occasional links to events and other podcast-related things. Erik supplements the podcast links with easy-to-follow bullet-pointed summaries and extra context.

If you think your new podcast might fit Erik’s readership, you can tweet him, or find contact details on his About page.

Inside Podcasting

This friendly newsletter offers frequent, brief bulletins, delivering news and events, and distilling them down to just the important bits.

The newsletter works like a link blog, with each post containing a short list of links to news from the day. Because it’s delivered every few days as opposed to every day, it’s easy to catch up on.

If you’re looking to use Inside Podcasting as a vehicle to promote your podcast, you can look into sponsorship options, but this is primarily a newsletter about podcasting, so the reading audience might not be as receptive as with other publications.

Podcast Delivery

Podcast Delivery provides weekly recommendations to its readers, and is heavily focused on helping podcasters increase their footprint. Submitting a podcast is quick and easy, via a form on their homepage.

As well as featuring new podcasts in their newsletter and taking advertising, they offer a free Twitter shoutout to help spread the word.

Podcast Gumbo

Every two weeks, Paul Kondo gathers together a short list of podcast episodes he’s found, or readers have shared with him.

Paul’s been writing with humour and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the landscape since 2018. He also compiled his first year’s recommendations into what he calls “an easy-to-delete PDF”.

Paul is also a podcaster, and has been writing about the process of creating the Podcast Gumbo podcast.

Podcast Review

This weekly newsletter started in 2018, boasts over 6,500 subscribers, and features podcast reviews and episode recommendations, as well as curated lists of shows to check out each month.

It’s part of the LA Review of Books, and is headed up by editor Jack Conway with a number of staff writers and editors. They also run advertisements and accept podcast pitches.

Podcast the Newsletter

Lauren Passell is the founder of Tink Media, which offers marketing solutions for podcasts.

Podcast the Newsletter, “your weekly love letter to podcasts and the people who make them”, has been running since 2019, and features quick Q&As with industry luminaries, longer-form interviews with peers and other creators, and a truckload of new podcast recommendations.

Lauren makes podcast recommendations based on what she’s enjoying, and may not be receptive to a pitch. A good way to get noticed is to honestly engage with Lauren online over time, by subscribing and discussing recommendations, helping to boost others, replying to tweets, and being a good community citizen.


The website and newsletter combines industry news, insight, gear reviews, videos, podcast recommendations and lots more.

The layout is easy to navigate as everything’s labeled and categorised, so you can get straight to the bits that interest you specifically. If you want a general overview of what’s happening in the industry, there’s a section for that. If you want to know what podcast companies are doing, Podlog is the category to look for.

Podcast recommendations come from the Earbuds Podcast Collective.


James Cridland’s Podnews is, to many, the de-facto source of podcast industry news. Unless your day job is in podcasting, the biggest value you can gain from Podnews is possibly in the classifieds section, and also the curated and user-contributed list of podcasting events.

If you’ve more than a passing interest in the industry, you can read or listen to Podnews and be fairly certain you won’t miss anything big and important, however if your focus is more on the social media podcasting community, then this serves as part of a more complete newsletter diet.

James is easy to contact if you have a fully-formed press release or otherwise a well-written announcement of your new podcast project.

Podnews also provides a comprehensive search form which you can use to find podcasts (like your own) once they’ve entered public directories like Apple’s or the Podcast Index. It’s also a useful place to find podcast subscription links, and to get technical info on a podcast.

This Week in Podcasts

Michael Yessis wrote a weekly newsletter from 2018 to 2021, packed with new podcasts, guest appearances, deep-dives and “occasional hot takes”.

In February 2021, Michael switched focus to writing about music podcasts, in a new newsletter in the same pre-2021 format. The post-2021 iteration of This Week in Podcasts is a simple list of newly-launched podcasts, delivered every month.

WTF to Listen to

Every month, podcast fans Jade and Hannah bring readers a series of episode and podcast recommendations.

Among the things that distinguish this newsletter – aside from its considered, colourful brand – is the Spotify playlist that accompanies each issue. Rather than just list recommended episodes, each playlist weaves music and spoken word content that adds value to the words the pair write each month.

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