I've missed you πŸ€—

Hello, you. It’s been a month since I last sent out a newsletter, and what a month it’s been.

To refresh your memory and welcome the many new faces that have joined the newsletter since my last issue, let me give you a quick rundown.

I’m Mark, and I run Podcode, a podcast school for changemakers. Every Thursday I post a bunch of useful links to help you in your podcasting journey. Primarily my focus is working with impact entrepreneurs, coaches, and other agents of change.

I have two primary offerings:

  • a package combining on-demand learning and one-to-one mentorship, called Go!, which helps beginners get started and reach their first 1,000 listeners.
  • a membership program for podcasters of all experience levels, with courses, events, and more coaching opportunities.

I try and keep these as short as possible, so let’s get into the good stuff.

This week in Podcode

So, that’s it. I was sad not to have been at the Podcast Show this year, but will see if I can make it along to 2023’s event. Frankly, May just got on top of me and had I gone, I’d have missed out on lots of awesome opportunities at home. Plus I was missing my cats.

Do check out the Descript editing course. It’s essentially an opportunity to watch over my shoulder as I edit a real-life podcast episode… something that I’ve been doing successfully, for clients, for money, exclusively for over a year.

And with that, I will catch you next week.

Take care,