Watch, Read, Listen, Do – 4 things to boost your podcast this week

Hello there from sunny, sunny Birmingham in the UK’s West Midlands (the best midlands™) 😅

This week, I thought I’d try going you four things – NOT made by me – one each for you to watch, read, listen, and do. All in service of improving your content marketing game.

If you like it, I’ll do it again!

  • 📺

    I booked Paul as a future Ear Brain Heart guest the second I finished watching this video. It’s really good, right?

  • 📖

    Why podcasts are built on compounding returns

    “Your audience grows slowly at first and it’s hard to justify the time that could be spent elsewhere, but the more time and content you consistently invest, the more the returns start to accrue.” True words from Jeremy Enns.

  • 👂

    Classy move by Andrew Hickey, who had to reset listener expectations in the wake of a number of “massive life crises”.

  • ⚡️

    Analyse your episode headlines

    You may have heard the one about how headlines are the most important ingredients of your blog posts. The same is true of podcast episodes, which are just blog posts with noises after all. 😉 This tool helps you get a sense of your episode headlines’ performance, with hints on how to optimise it.

This week in Podcode

  • 🎙 Podcast show notes. What are they? Where do they live? How do you write good ones? The answers you seek are here.
  • ☁️ This week I checked out podcast host I wasn't entirely delighted with what I found out. (Nothing scary... it's just mostly a pretty face, with a price tag that's difficult to justify.)
  • 📆 If you're a member of the Podcode School, our next meet-up is the following Wednesday. I hope you'll join us.

A lot’s happened since we last spoke, including an update from Apple about how search actually works within their app, and advice from YouTube about what to do with your podcast content.

You’re busy, so I’ve summarised these articles and more, distilling them down to key takeaways that’ll keep you informed and save you valuable time. You’ll find them when you join as a Community member, for just $5 a month.

Take good care of yourself, and we’ll catch up next week.