The Creators are out, and why you only need 3 buttons on your website


Hey, so I’m leaning into Fridays as my newsletter day. It’s probably terrible email practise, but “wadda ya gonna do?” 😉

I hope your week’s gone well, and that I can add a little more to it by giving you something new to watch, read, listen, and do… all in service of making your podcasting life better.

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    Tom Webster of Sounds Profitable breaks down the first credible study into the people who make the podcasts. Hey, that’s us!

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    James Cridland of Podnews shares why you only need three buttons to promote your podcast

    James reckons Apple, Google, and Spotify are all you need. I’d argue that since Google Podcasts doesn’t work in the EU, you can probably stick to two.

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    Podcasts So Good Your Audience Can’t Unhear Them w/Tamsen Webster
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    Make sure your podcast website tells people what they need to know

    Matt Deegan of the British Podcast Awards has some great tips for improving your website. The key is to make your website the hub of all knowledge for your podcast, so the curious (including people like Matt who are trying to help your show get more listeners) don’t have to dig around.

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    Also, congrats to the SquadCast team on their biggest update yet.

This week in Podcode

So that’s it. I’m due to run a webinar on Wednesday and I haven’t yet settled on the topic. I had the mad idea of doing 100 podcast growth tips in 50 minutes, but I fear if I tried it I might have a cardiac event.

Still, could be fun though, right?

Anyway, I’ll leave it with you. Have a stellar weekend and I look forward to checking in with you again soon.