Don't worry – no-one cares

Happy Friday. Here I am again with something to watch, read, listen, and do to improve your podcasting game. Let’s get into it.

This week in Podcode

  • 📆 Our next members-only meetup is this coming Wednesday.
  • 🎤 This week, Nirish Shakya asked the Podcode School community for advice on his end-of-season wrap-up episode. I think he did a great job with the feedback he got. See what you think.

Just one thing before I leave you. I’ve been asking a bunch of people “what does success mean for your podcast” and I’d love to know your answer. It could be anything, from having fun, spreading a worthwhile message, promoting your business, or making fat stacks (although I doubt it’s the last one). Hit Reply and let me know!

And with that, have a stellar weekend. Catch up with you next week.