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Happy Friday. Here I am again with something to watch, read, listen, and do to improve your podcasting game. Let’s get into it.

The Creators are out, and why you only need 3 buttons on your website


Watch, Read, Listen, Do – 4 things to boost your podcast this week

Hello there from sunny, sunny Birmingham in the UK’s West Midlands (the best midlands™) 😅

Using Notion to keep on top of your podcast

Happy Thursday! I have something cool to share that I think you’ll like.

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Hello again, and happy Thursday. Here in the UK we’re gearing up for the queen’s platinum jubilee. 💂‍♀️ So, that means lots of bunting, cake, and – if I have anything to do with it – sausages.

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Hey there, from sunny Birmingham in the UK’s West Midlands (the best midlands™).

How much does a good podcast cost?

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What if you were Little Richard?

You can trace pop music back through the decades, from Beyoncé to Michael Jackson to James Brown to Little Richard – all through influence. And as we know, if it weren’t for Chuck Berry’s cousin, Marty McFly would never have been born.

Going on walkabout

Before we begin, there’s a banner on the desktop version of the Podcode site that points to the DEC in the UK, who coordinate fundraising for disaster relief. Please consider donating to an organisation near you that’s providing aid to Ukraine. They could use a hand right now. Here’s where …