Learn how to record
a podcast with ease.

99% of successful podcasting is showing up, and building trust. The rest you can learn.

We need to hear your voice

Society has faced unique challenges over the last few years. Climate change, global conflict, inequality, outmoded beliefs, these are nothing new. But the pandemic has brought us closer together, even though we often still feel divided.

We’re looking to you to lead, even if you don’t feel ready. Especially if you don’t. We need the people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

You don’t have to have the answers, but knowing which questions to ask and listening with curiosity is how we begin to affect change.

  • Develop your idea into a succinct pitch
  • Plan episodes
  • Use a mic like a pro
  • Record and edit a trailer
  • Find guests
  • Record remote conversations
  • Edit audio like a Google doc
  • Make a podcast website
  • Upload to a media host
  • Submit to Apple Podcasts, Spotify & more
  • Cross-promote
Considering it?

Here’s what people are saying

The process of physically producing a podcast felt overwhelming. Your course – and your way of assuring the student that their fears and insecurities are normal and natural – has genuinely made me stop in my tracks and wonder whether it's a better fit for me (traditional social media brings me out in hives!)

Mark Steadman is a podcast genius, and a top man to boot. He'll teach you how to turn your blog into a podcast for the price of a meal. Go do it.

Mark's clear offer and deep expertise delivered through a gentle, collaborative style have made the process both calm and enjoyable. We expected neither! We hope you like the podcast. It would not exist without Mark!

Mark - you've been absolutely fantastic in your feedback and editing and launch support. No doubt you'll be launching many more podcasts in the years ahead with awesome changemakers.

I don't know if it's possible to like a person more – Mark is amazing. He is helping me come out of my shell and become visible in a way that I didn't even realize I needed. I couldn't have imagined a better guide in the process of starting a podcast, and we've only just begun.

Mark is an inspiration in so many ways. Not least because of his ability to mentor in all things podcast. He possesses this rare combination of first class coaching skills with technical proficiency.

Start from scratch,
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Ship Your Podcast

Go live with a podcast you can be proud of.

Editing in Descript

Edit podcast audio just like editing a Google Doc.

Build a Listener Persona

Know what drives your listeners, and where to find them

How to Use Your Voice

Sound your best, and love the way you speak

From Blog to Podcast

Turn your blog or newsletter into a persuasive podcast

Podcasting with WordPress

How to host a podcast on your own WordPress installation.

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Podcasts & Pizza

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Meet your host

Mark Steadman

Mark has been producing on-demand audio and Internet radio since 2004, launching his first podcast in 2008. He founded and ran a successful podcast hosting company which he sold in the spring of 2021, to focus on working with new and emerging podcasters.

Mark Steadman