How to Use Your Voice

Sound your best, and love the way you speak

Your voice carries your message, and connects you with your listener at a deep level. Intimacy is the foundation of trust, but creating that connection takes time and experience.

Imogen Church is an award-winning actor who specialises in voice acting. She works across fiction and non-fiction, on titles like Harry Potter, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and Doctor Who.

In this course, Imogen shares some of the tips and technique she’s learned and developed throughout her years behind the mic. Central to it all is that authenticity is key, and your unique voice is the focus.

This isn’t a course on how to speak the Queen’s English, but to tap into the gifts you already have as a natural storyteller.

Join Imogen over the course of these short, easily-digestible videos, and pick up some priceless tips on taking care and making the most out of your voice.


01 Meet Imogen

02 Warming up

03 Posture and clothing. Yes, clothing!

04 Minimising mouth noises

05 The gear you need to sound your best

06 Prepping a script

07 Sounding natural

08 Interviewing guests

09 On filler words

10 Mic technique

11 Your vocal DNA

12 Speed with a smile

13 Dealing with nerves

14 Handling mistakes

15 Listening back to yourself

16 Looking after your voice

17 Wrapping up