Left brain

Mark has a love of process: of understanding the various component parts that make up a successful piece of work.

Mark brings his love of words and language into his audio work, while also using his decades of experience on the web to help podcasters better represent their work online.

Right brain

Mark is a musician, has performed improv comedy, and adapted his own children’s book into a podcast.

As a coach, he helps boost podcasters’ creative confidence, while prioritising their mental wellbeing. This helps prevent burnout, and keeps the work engaging and fun.

Born in Birmingham, made in the Internet.

Radio and technology collide

Mark studied Media & Communication at Birmingham City University, in the heart of the United Kingdom. He specialised in Internet radio and Internet music culture, volunteered at the University radio station, and learning fundamentals of radio production that inform his work today. He graduated with a 2:1 in 2004 – the year that the term “podcast” was coined.

When his day jobs at web design companies failed to present enough of a challenge, Mark flexed his creative muscles by producing music, and in early 2008 started work on his first podcast, the New Media Junkie. He quickly became a producer-for-hire, being paid in beer and snacks, before eventually being paid in actual money.

Creativity and compassion

Mark has optic nerve hypoplasia, which is an under-development of the wiring that connects the eye to the brain. An associated condition called nystagmus makes his eyes wobble (something he shares with the British TV presenter and author Richard Osman).

Through early schooling and by luck of hwere he grew up, Mark spent a lot of his younger years around kids and adults with differing needs. This, and an aspect of his own neurodiversity makes empathy a huge part of his coaching work.

Mark intrinsically understands the pain points in the creative process, and mixes encouragement and a process-led approach to break down the work into manageable pieces.