In lieu of a sane way to embed an audio player into your blog, here's a solution that gives you something your listeners can hear.

Turn your blog or newsletter into a persuasive podcast



Free podcast hosting from Spotify

Spotify have entered the ring only a few days after Apple announced they'd be letting app users sign up to paywalled podcast content.

A new favorite podcast is added to the list, #MeToo extends into podcasts, the Google Podcasts app is actually out now, beware of Anchor (possibly), and how much is too much when it comes to re-listening to podcasts?

You've heard that your podcast should have a website, but how do you get one, and how do you set it up for success?

Go live with a podcast you can be proud of.

Boilerplate audio, over-slick intros, too much much. These are just a few things that might be discouraging new listeners from sticking with your podcast.